Review the below eligibility dates, rules, and restrictions for the 2022 Pendoring Awards to ensure that your work meets our requirements for entry.

Eligibility Dates

All work must be published or aired between the dates listed below.
"Published" means the advertisement or work appeared in a form of mass media exposed to a substantial audience.

1. Entries must be commercially published, launched or aired for the first time between 21 August 2021 and 1 October 2022. 

2. In the case of campaigns that straddle the eligibility period, e.g. if two pieces of a campaign were published prior to 21 August 2021 and three pieces after that, then the full campaign (all five pieces) is eligible for entry this year. If you have previously entered two of the pieces into last year’s awards,  you can enter all three pieces into the integrated campaign this year. 

3. Student work created from 21 August 2021 and up to 1 October 2022 may be entered.

4. Absolutely no work that has not yet been published, launched or aired will be accepted - and the  onus is on the agency to ensure that all work entered meets these rules. 

Entry Eligibility 

1. Entries are only eligible for South African indigenous languages. 

2. All entries must be at least 70% in either Afrikaans, isiNdebele, isiXhosa, isiZulu, Setswana, Sepedi, Sesotho, siSwati, Tshivenda, Xitsonga. or a combination of any of these languages.  3. If multiple companies have worked on a project, they must agree in advance who will submit  the entry and they must agree on how the credits will be completed. If an entry is received  from more than one company, only the first entry will be accepted. No refunds will be given  on duplicate entries. 

Student Entry Eligibility

1. Students may only enter in the Student Category. 

2. All student work, created and submitted to a registered educational institution may be entered,  unless permission is granted by the Pendoring in writing. 

3. Student work should be submitted by the School/ College/ University, rather than directly  by the individual student. 

4. Student work created from 21 August 2021 and up to 1 October 2022 may be entered. 

5. Any student work submitted previously may not be re-entered into this year’s Pendoring.  

Entry Cancellations and refunds

1. All requests to withdraw an entry must be made in writing. 

2. Requests made prior to the entry deadline may be replaced with another entry. 

3. Entries cancelled after the entry deadline may not be replaced. 

4. No refunds on entries. Under no circumstances will refunds of any fees or costs relating to entries or  entry into the awards be issued to entrants. The fees paid for entries are intended to cover the costs  of administration, processing and judging the entries and awards. 

5. Any entries disqualified by the Pendoring will not be refunded. This includes duplicate entries and  entries that do not follow the specified rules. 

Approval and permissions 

1. All entries must be approved by the relevant client for whom they were produced and all necessary  permissions must be obtained. 

2. In particular, the client for whom the work was created must consent to entry of the relevant work  into the Awards and for it to be used in accordance with the full terms and conditions of entry. 

3. An entry may not be entered if the work is subject to any agreements with third parties and/or other  licenses and the necessary consents have not been obtained. 

Full terms and conditions of entry 

1. All entries are subject to the full Terms & Conditions of the Pendoring. 

2. The full Terms and Conditions of entry must be accepted by each entrant, during the online entry  process. It is not possible to submit an entry without accepting the Terms and Conditions of entry. 










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