At Pendoring, we #SpeakSouthAfrican

Pendoring embraces country and industry to promote, unify and celebrate the richness of South Africa’s creative content in all its indigenous languages.

Originally created in 1995 to promote and stimulate the use of Afrikaans in advertising, Pendoring has gone through a number of changes to celebrate all our indigenous languages.

In 2016, we amended our rules so that all indigenous languages could compete on equal footing and in 2018, we went a step further and eliminated prizes that rewarded Afrikaans separately from the remaining 9 languages.

In 2020 we took steps to ensure that Pendoring doesn’t promote creative content creation in just the advertising industry, but now also welcomes books, music videos, social media content and so much more – as long at least 70% of the entry is in an indigenous language.

Pendoring is also unique in that it is the only advertising competition in SA with substantial cash prizes, not only for the overall winners, but also for gold and silver winners in each category.

New this year

Upgraded entry system
Pendoring is making entering even easier this year with a brand new entry system.

Revised rules
Pendoring is open to entries across the communication sector, as long as each entry is at least 70% in one or more of South Africa's indigenous languages. We have revised our rules to make it event easier for schools, agencies, internal marketing teams and independent content creators to enter their work. 








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